We Are Public - Art of Deception

Inner Beauty, Bio-Art and Nature

6 Jan 2017
8 Jan 2017

Mediamatic invites members of We Are Public to take a closer look at the exhibition Art Of Deception and join us on a walk through the wondrous world of living art and bio-design. What happens if humans manipulate organs for aesthetic purposes? And can a heart be an actual object of design?

Entrance incl. the book: The Art of Deception.
Free for We Are Public Members / Facebook


Looking at The Art of Deception - A visitor of the exhibition Art of Deception takes a closer look at one of the 18 transformed pigs hearts. Each heart is first decellularized after which the artist was left with a so called 'ghost organ'. The hearts were then used as blanc canvases for future inner body beautifications. Anisa Xhomaqi, Isaac Monté

The Art of Deception

What would your heart look like, if you could manipulate it for aesthetic purposes?

The exhibition The Art of Deception consists of a collection of 18 transformed pig hearts that challenge contemporary notions of beauty and offer a vision on society's pursuit for perfection. By a method called decellularization artist Isaac Monte and Toby Kiers 'cleansed' the pigs hearts from their living cells, leaving them with a series of so called 'ghost organ'. These blank canvas were then used as tools for the ultimate deception: the transformation of inner beauty, from grotesque to perfect.


The Art of Deception overview - Showcasing Nr. 18 of a series of transformed pigs hearts. Hanneke Wetzer, Isaac Monté , Toby Kiers

The World of Living Art

After your visit to The Art of Deception we will take you on a tour over Mediamatic's Biotoop where you will learn more about Bio-Design and other living works of art such as Pure Gold, Hard Water and the Myco Brewery.


Donating in Pure Gold - We invite you to donate your urine in Pure Gold an audio visual installation by Kamiel Rongen and Mediamatic. Kamiel Rongen, Anisa Xhomaqi

We Are Public - Art of Deception
6, 7, 8, January, 17:00
Mediamatic Biotoop, Dijkgracht 6, Amsterdam
Free entrance, (incl. Book) for We Are Public Members.

Sign up by sending a mail to: mail@mediamatic.net with the following info in the subject line: 'We Are Public - date (6,7,8 Jan) - Name - Amount of people'