Rafal Mazur


Picture 013.jpg - Photo by Rita Fazakas

Rafal Mazur plays acoustic bass guitars custom built to his
own specifications by guitar maker Jerzy Wysocki. He has developed an
advanced and individual approach to his instrument—and to improvisation
in genral—in which sonority, extended technique and gesture combine
effortlessly in performance. Mazur’s uncompromising musical standards
are matched by the sophistication of his wit and demeanor on- and
offstage. He has taken an important role in Kraków to support young
artists and improvised music and has performed
improvised and jazz music in clubs and festivals
across Poland and in much of Europe.
At the present Rafał Mazur focuses on the esemble “PROCESS - Laboratory of Intuition” www.improart.eu and free jazz band - Ensemble 56 www.ensemble56.com. He is an organizer of “Meeting of Improvisers” – Festival of Improvised Arts and “Laboratory of Intuition” series of workshop and artistic session dedicated for improvising artists in Kraków.


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