Upcycle yourself workshop

With Andrea Crews

19 Jul 2008
19 Jul 2008

How can you make a girly top out of an old hoody?

The Upcycle Yourself Workshop taught the participants how to make a whole new outfit out of secondhand clothing. Andrea Crews made sure the techniques were simple and efficient so that anyone could enjoy the experience.


showing at the catwalk - Jans Possel

A mountain of second-hand clothing, work tables, sewing machines, sewing kits, tailor's dummies and lots of haberdashery, made sure everyone had enough material to get going. All participants had the choice to either make an outfit on their own or let the Andrea Crews Collective help them.

The Andrea Crews collective taught the workshops on July 19, 23 and 26. All later workshops were led by young fashion designers from Amsterdam, The Hague and Arnhem.