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Lonneke Jonker is an artist and Kompaan at Cateringa & Kompanen.

What constitutes and influences a culture? One of the things that interest me within the cultural jungle is food. As I grew up in Holland I noticed that meat is the basic staple of every meal. I have never been a meat lover myself, so at the age of 8 I started to eat and live as a vegetarian. For most Dutch people meat is the main part of their diet especially at dinner time and the rest of the meal is created around that main ingredient. These food habits have a (long) cultural history. When visiting other countries, I experienced cooking to be quite different, more as a creation. As an artist I want to challenge the way we think about food and make people aware of the nature that we call our culture. For me it is important to share values, recipes and inform the audience in a playful, edible and visual way.

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