The Beauty Kit Focus Group at the Waag Society

With Isabel Burr Raty

15 Nov 2018


For the past years Isabel Burr Raty, performance artist and independent filmmaker, has been exploring the cavities that make up the human female sexual organs, concluding that they have a hybrid nature, as they produce genital fluids containing plant like healing faculties and animal like nutritious properties.

In this performance, the artist displays the exotic beauty bio-products that she manufactures using various female erogenous fluids. Providing scientific and ancestral perspectives she will expose how the sexual organs have the power to enhance beauty and wellbeing. The focus group attendants are invited to inquire on the manufacturing procedures, as well as advising on possible consumers for these beauty bio-products.


Beauty Kit Focus Group 0.1 Hands - Tia Torok

In this occasion, Isabel will also display the exciting results of the first version of the Beauty Kit Female Farm that she conducted during the summer 2018 in Portugal and where she started to "up scale" the production level of her products. 

The artist hopes that the audience will be newly awakening to unknown body faculties and some women in Amsterdam will like to join the next Beauty Kit Female Farm, which will happen in this city at Christmas time.

About the artist

Isabel Burr Raty is an artist in residency in Amsterdam partnered to Waag, Mediamatic and Prof. Toby Kiers (VU Amsterdam) via the AFK 3 Package deal program. Her research interweaves new media, body/live art, lectures and participatory performance proposing hybrid narratives and bio-autonomy practices that play with synthetic magic and compose in situ Sci-Fi. Isabel is currently an associate researcher in and lecturer-teacher of Media art history in ERG Brussels (École de Recherche Graphique).

The project is supported by Flemish Ministry of Arts and Culture Belgium, Nadine Wandering Arts Biennial, ZSenne art lab Brussels and Cultivamos Cultura Portugal.

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