Guest Rooms

What there is and how to prepare the rooms

On the Second floor of the main building at the Biotoop, we have four guest rooms that are about 10 m2. This is also the side where the trains pass, unfortunately, we can do nothing about that noise (the view is beautiful though). The rooms do not have names, they have numbers (1, 2, 3 and 4). Room number 1 is the only room with a loft bed.

The keys to the rooms can be asked at the Office Manager or Programme Manager.


Room 3 at the Mediamatic Biotoop - Part of the artist residences at Mediamatic Biotoop

What to do before a new Guest arrives?

  1. Check if the room is clean, if not, ask the Programme manager to inform the cleaner
  2. Ask the guest for their phone number and add them to the door system with [ their full name + what they are here for + working phone number with the correct country code ]
    example: [Amy Toner Odorama, 00447... ]
  3. Check if there are enough toilet paper and paper towels on the toilet upstairs
  4. Place a new piece of soap and a shampoo bottle in the room
  5. Put fresh bed linens and sheets on the bed
  6. Put 2 towels (1 big, 1 small) per person in the room
  7. Put a new plastic bag in the bin
  8. Check arrival time and possibly manage to leave keys with a letter in an envelope in the locker box and let the bar know
  9. Print our Guest Room Contract and have them sign it upon arrival
  10. In case you can welcome them yourself, give them the keyset (one for the aroma lab, one for the room)
  11. Show them the door downstairs and check if it works when they call it
  12. Send guests the address of the nearest Self-service laundry/drycleaners, Guests cannot use the Restaurant's washing machine

What to do when Guest leaves?

  1. Take them out of the door system
  2. Ask them for the keys and place those back in the locker
  3. Make sure they have left the room in a good condition
  4. Put the dirty linen and towel in the washing machine downstairs in the Dry Storage
  5. Make sure the washed and dried linen end up back in the right box in the closet upstairs


The bed linen can be found in the "secret closet" which can be found if you open the door to the Toilet and the Shower on your left hand. The door seems locked, but there is a black knob/wheel with which you can open the door by turning it counterclockwise.
Here you can find four boxes with:

Standard Room furniture


There is a shared bathroom with a simple shower, sink (every room has a sink too) and toilet. Please keep it tidy.


We have a tiny kitchenette upstairs. There is no stove, however. Guests are welcome to use the microwave and store food in the fridge. Hot water, tea or coffee are to be found on the 1st floor; the office’s coffee machine.


Tell your guests to lock their rooms at all times! Do not let the door open, even if you are going to the office or bar at Mediamatic.