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I was trained as a biology and handicraft teacher for the secondary school. I’m loving nature since I was a child and in my work I have always tried to be outside as much as possible. I started my professional career in a little nature reserve in Amsterdam, called  ‘De Oeverlanden’. Here I set up an educational program. At the same time I worked as a tour guide for a nature travel agency. The travels brought me to the most beautiful nature reserves on earth.

Since 1997 I work for the municipality of Amsterdam as school garden teacher. All children from the 6th and 7th grade of elementary schools  in Amsterdam can garden for one year in one of the 13 beautiful school gardens in Amsterdam. The children grow vegetables, herbs and flowers. In my work I try to bring the children into contact with nature. One of the things that play an role in this is the taste and smell of plants. Not only do I work in a school garden , I also live in a school garden in the south-east part of Amsterdam.

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