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Anton Dorso -

Head of the synaesthesia research group at the Centre for Multidisciplinary Research of Contemporary Childhood of the Moscow State University of Psychology and Education.

Anton Dorso is a Moscow-based psychologist, synaesthesia researcher. He received a specialist degree in linguistics and language acquisition and for a post-graduation degree (Candidate of Sciences) in psychology at Moscow Pedagogical State University, with a dissertation on individual differences in people with synaesthesia. His research focuses on general psychological and neurocognitive aspects of synaesthesia, specifically; synaesthetic mechanisms as viewed in the frameworks of cultural-historical psychology and cognitive anthropology. 

Anton founded the Russian Synaesthesia Community and initiated and manages the database of Russian-speaking synaesthetes.  Anton translated and adapted the Russian-language version of the worldwide multilingual online synaesthesia test of the Eagleman Lab (Baylor College of Medicine) and the Consistency Test of Synaesthesia (MatLab Syntools). He is also a co-author of “Ananthropology of synaesthesia”, author and developer of Synaesthesia Quotient. 



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