Iris Woutera

Sensory and spatial artist


Iris Woutera - Photo courtesy of Iris Woutera  

With: Iris Woutera

The spatial work of Iris Woutera focuses on all the senses. The essence is kinetic; an interaction between the movement of the human body and the material of her sculptures. Each of her works consists of an interplay of sculpture, (interactive) performance, installation, drawings, video work, and photography.

The strength of Woutera's work is the search for the tension between universal experience and individual experience. During performances, a playful dialogue is created between the performance and the audience. Her art is created in this uninhibited, undirected moment.

Woutera's sculpture work is made around the human body. The works are carried by one body, or act as a connection between several people. How the material feels, the weight, the color, and the sound of the work influence the mood of the participant. They act as a tool for connection, an extension of the human body.

Woutera graduated from the Gerrit Rietveld Academy in Amsterdam in 2016, with a Bachelor of Arts in Design and Performance. Her work has been exhibited at a.o. the Palais de Tokyo in Paris, the Prague Quadrennial, and Art Rotterdam. She investigates issues of modern society. And makes these tangible in a poetic manner to open up discussion and encounters.