Iris Klaver

Fashion and print designer


Iris Klaver - Fashion designer Photo courtesy of Iris Klaver. Source:

With: Iris Klaver
Iris Klaver is a designer and a recent graduate from AMFI. During her studies she specialised in print & textile design. In using a combination of traditional crafts and digital innovations she creates new worlds of texture, pattern and colour. Her work is enriched by a passion for prints and affinity with the tactility of textiles.
Her recent work 'Inflorescent growth' is about the flowering cycle of a flower as a metaphor for mental wellbeing:
"The flower begins to grow in the dark underneath the surface. A place, where everything seems doomed for the little seed. But after some flickers of light through the surface, the plant starts to break through the soil. Here the flower can grow to its full glory. At the end of the flowering period it will leave a seed behind for the cycle to start all over again."
Through the garments, the story of this process is told by linking colours to different growth phases and entwining them with emotional values.