Elise Chalcraft, Marguerite d'Ervau

Building with Mycelium - WO Assistant checklist

with Arne Hendriks

Pigeons are seriously underappreciated. That's a mistake. Not only are they incredible navigators, fantastic cleaners-up of street left-overs, powerful cultural metaphors of hope and peace, and a nice companion species, they also produce some of the world's finest fertiliser. This is why we are building pigeon shit towers at Mediamatic to house ferile pigeons and collect their droppings.  In the workshop Building Living Spaces for Pigeons, Arne Hendriks and Aya Koné will explain some of the practical and not so practical aspects of working with living matter for a living environment.

As a workshop assistant, your role is to help Arne in the building of the houses and the construction of the towers. You will also do ticketing, set-up, and clean up of the workshop

Here is some information about ticketing when you are a workshop assistant.


Building pigeon units together - At this workshop Arne Hendriks is introducing the 11 towers already constructed and assisting in the creation of the participants own pigeon box. This workshop is a space for collaboration and exploration surrounding everything to do with creating space for a once-loved and now frowned upon species. Caroline Aravicius, Arne Hendriks, Aya Koné

General information about the workshop

Time: 3hrs long workshop (30mins prep time + 2hrs during + 30mins clean up)

Location: The barn and Dijksgraacht street
Max. participants: 10
Tutor: Arne Hendricks

Email address: arnehendriks@yahoo.com

Phone number: 0639439854


Material checklist

For this workshop, you will need:

  • Water jug and glasses per person (p.p.)
  • Tea/coffee (if it is cold)
  • Marker pens (1 p.p.)
  • Paper (1 p.p.)
  • Saw (1 p.p.)
  • Measuring tape (1 for 2-3 people)
  • Pencil (1 p.p.)
  • Bench/A frame (1 p.p.) OR pallet (1 per 2-3 people)
  • Work gloves (1 p.p.)
  • Hammer (1 p.p.)
  • Nails 
  • Chalk (to draw the circle of the tower)
  • Sandpaper
  • Box of clamps
  • Screws
  • Screwdriver (to fit the screws you have = phillips head/ flat)
    • Make sure it is fully charged before hand!
  • Wood (check measurements)
  • Boxes of scrap wood from the barn
  • Cables to connect a laptop to projector in the barn (check AV knowledge pages before hand)
  • 3 white tables and table cloths (1 at the entrance for ticket scanning, 1 for drinks, 1 for Arne's laptop)

Arne's materials 

  • Plastic pigeons
  • Example of a previously built pigeon house
  • Powerpoint
  • Arne's newspapers for participants to take home

Timeline of workshop

Week before: check all materials are ordered/bought ready for the workshop

13.30: Arrive at the barn and start setting up the space including the projector and laptop for Arne's presentation

13.50: Participants will start to arrive. Scan their tickets and their COVID passes

14.00: Workshop starts with a presentation

16:00: Workshop ends 

After the workshop: help clean up the barn and return everything back to its original place. 

To-do list


A week before the workshop

  • Check the number of participants and let Arne know
  • Make sure you have enough wood for the number of participants
  • Check the barn is clean and ready for the workshop

On the day of the workshop

  • Arrive an hour early to set up the space 
  • Lay out materials for each person 
  • Set up the laptop with the presentation ready in the barn

During the workshop

  • Welcome participants and scan tickets.
  • Help Arne with the workshop by being present and doing tasks he can't do as he is teaching

After the workshop

  • Help clean up the space and put all materials back where they belong in the barn. 

Photo of standard set-up