Building With Mycelium (cancelled)

with Arne Hendriks and Aya Kone

25 Mar 2022

Decay is seen as something negative. That is a mistake. It is not inevitable but we can work with it instead of against it when we build with living materials. With decay in mind, we at Mediamatic use mycelium as a living building material to build towers on our site that can house pigeons. Not only are pigeons incredible navigators, great cleaners of street debris, powerful cultural metaphors of hope and peace, and a great companion, they also produce some of the world's best fertiliser.

During this workshop, we will share what we have learned so far in building with living materials, and discuss why iconic living structures need to return to the cityscape. We will do this from the knowledge we have gained while building our pigeon towers.

We do this while actively learning about mycelium and working together to build a box.

Please join artists Arne Hendriks and Aya Kone as they explain some of the practical and not so practical aspects of working with living matter for a living environment.

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The Pigeon man next to the Myco-Assemblage - Arne Hendriks

What you will do 

In this workshop you will learn all about how to build a box that can for example function as a home for living critters like we do for pigeons at Mediamatic. By working together to create these small wooden boxes, you will not only learn to work with living materials such as mycelium, but you will also learn how to make space for "the other" in our daily lives: be it pigeons, fungi, spores, insects, etc. is not a masterclass in the art of understanding pigeons, but a space where Arne invites you to work together with the mycelium, decay and eachother.

Arne will introduce you to the 11 towers already built and help you to make your own. This workshop is a space for collaboration and exploration around everything to do with building with living materials and the inevitability of decay.

Arne Hendriks

Arne Hendriks is an artist and researcher on human ecology. He believes we should be more generous towards ourselves in allowing radical new ideas and practices to re-define our relationship with the planet. In his practice, he focusses on the process instead of a result. By patiently letting the findings of his research be his guide, he allows himself to constantly shift views and perspectives and discover new realities within his topic.


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25th of March, 14:00-16:00
We maintain a minimum of 5 participants.
Please note that, unless everyone speaks Dutch, this workshop will be held in English.
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We are taking corona safety into account at our workshops. 
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