Pigeon Soundscape installation

Follow the pigeon beat

5 Nov 2022
5 Nov 2022

What sounds do pigeons make? Dutch artists Pim Water and Lucas Kramer have created a musical installation that will surround Mediamatic's Biotoop on Munseum night. Walk towards Mediamatic and follow the pigeon melody!



Pigeon singing - Kumi Allen


Pigeon Soundscape Installation

Every human has a unique voice. In the same nature, every kind of pigeon creates a different coo. Their cooing changes, just as our vocal sound changes, from moment to moment. The sound of a peaceful nesting pigeon is different from the sound of a stressed pigeon. Their vocal cords are not the only thing they use to make noise, have you ever paid attention to the sound of their wings? Admire the sounds of the pigeon through the soundscape.


Pim Walter

I started playing bass when I was 14 and haven't let it go since. Soon I played in several bands and got private lessons on the Jacobiberg. After four years of playing purely as a hobby, I was accepted at the Fontys Rock Academy in Tilburg, where I studied for 5 years. During my studies I did a minor in Educational Sciences and I started to focus on the didactic subjects that the program offered. I finally graduated in 2013 in the direction of band coach.

Currently I am mainly active as a bass guitar teacher in Arnhem, I give various music workshops at primary and secondary schools and I am busy developing workshops in which the identity of the band and artist is central.


Information and tickets

The Pigeon Soundscape installation will run during Museum night 2022, on november 5th.

You are welcome to fold your beak at the entrance of the Mediamatic Biotoop.

Tickets are available at museumnacht.nl