Workshop Face Nature

with Madeline Schwartzman

28 أيار / مايو 2023

What can you find around you when you really face nature? Join Madeline Schwartzman in this special workshop to embed the local ecology and landscape onto your face and body.



Face Nature Amsterdam - workshop by Madeline Schwartzman Walk around  Mediamatic  and discover the video-works by artist  Madeline Schwartzman  hidden in all nooks and crannies. With her body and face she animates natural materials she collects from forests and parks  wherever she goes .  Face Nature aims to create a more mutual subjectivity between humans and non-human nature, promoting a healthier coexistence. Can you find all works that convey how skin and nature collide and integrate? 

Face Nature

Schwartzman’s experimental art practice titled Face Nature, aims to create a more mutual subjectivity between humans and non-human nature, promoting a healthier coexistence in the Anthropocene. For the wearer, Face Nature embeds the local ecology and landscape directly onto the body—something akin to what naturalist Barry Lopez called the “interior landscape” (Arctic Dreams). For the viewer Face Nature conveys how skin and nature collide and integrate, presenting a hybrid idea for the future of morphology. 

What you will do

You can bring anything from branches to berries, from soil to leaves, from bark to pines, moss, dried flowers, artichokes, branches, even house plants, dried or live. For the face-pieces you will try to work with the morphology of the particular found nature so you should have a certain interest or fascination to your foraged material and findings.

You will become a part of the collision between skin and nature. We will closely observe the plants you have foraged for inspiration, place and embed it onto your body, and document the integration and morphing with videos. 

Madeline Schwartzman

Madeline Schwartzman is a New York City artist, writer, and educator whose work explores human narratives and the human sensorium through social art, performance, book writing, curating, and video making. Her book See Yourself Sensing: Redefining Human Perception (2011) is a collection of futuristic proposals for the body and the senses. See Yourself X: Human Futures Expanded (2018) explores the future of the human head. Her forthcoming book is about hybrids—the intimate interaction between multispecies, human, and non-human entities.

Schwartzman recently had a solo exhibition at the Berkshire Botanical Garden in Stockbridge, MA, and a residency at Lab Verde in the Brazilian Amazon. She has an upcoming exhibition at the Re Institute in Millerton, NY. She is a faculty member at Barnard College and at Parsons: the New School for Design.  


Sunday 28th of May


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Friday 26 May 2023
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