Lucie Boucek

Graphic & Video Designer


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Conception + Art Direction

Motion: 2D Motion Graphics, Film Titel Design, Musicvideos, Experimental Videos, Presentation Videos, Trailer, Logo Animation

Graphics: Grafik Design, Logo Design, Corporate Design , Illustration, Screen Design

Interactive: DVD Design & Authoring, Webdesign

Workshop: Any Media Documentaries

Use new web 2.0 technologies, explore new ways of interaction between various media platforms.
Learn how to use statistical data and how to get access (market research?)

Project Proposal:
The project would in the final phase create a platform to present aspects of social life in different parts of the globe engaging with various means of information sourcing, mapping, statistics and community building e.g. a combination of, and google maps.
Focus for the workshop on one country?

Ideas for Issues and Social aspects to be visualized:
- Backpacking, travelers: personal stories, “places of memories”: memories attached to certain locations (e.g. division into: extreme adventures, local culture/people, friendships, love/emotion, nightlife, natural highlights, sports adventures, food, sightseeing, other stories)
- Tourists (various ages, social backgrounds) typical routes, where do they go?, visualize patterns

Possible Audiences:
- Independet Low-budget Travelers (ages 18-35)
- Tourists (various ages, social backgrounds)

In my project work I would like to use the footage and photographs I have collected whilst traveling and find the appropriate tool to present this content to an audience.
For further development the platform should be based on the web 2.0 principal of people sharing their travel routes and documentary material.

- Korsakow System?
- Blog tool (wordpress) combined with google maps +GPS, you tube

See the current most popular traveler routes, touristic highlights and make aware of less traveled routes
Visualize patterns and build a community for exchange on same experiences, recommendations
Places as new meeting points

Problems to be solved:
Enough travel sites? Specific USP of this project?
Cover all the places in the world? See google maps
Technical Possibilities
Access of travel data and statistics

Other possible subjects:
- “Forest – natural memories”