Willem Velthoven

How to... make a nice profile

Recommendations for new Mediamatic colleagues

Dear colleagues,

We all have profiles on the mediamatic.net website.
your professional contacts look at that page first when they are in contact with you.

Therefore it is essential that your profile gives a professional and personal impression that helps people to take you seriously.

This is a checklist


Mediamatic Team Summer 2012 - Made during a dinner on July 11th, 2012 at Mediamatic Bank. The art work in the back is by Michel Blazy, and was part of the Paddestoelen Paradijs exhibition. Andrea Sossi and Robert Bochove, featured here holding black Mediamatic Boer t-shirts, did the cooking. Simone Schoutens, Marco Wessel

such a profile typically contains:

Your full name as you use it at mediamatic
(optional: some nice motto in the subtitle)

min. 1 picture where your face is clearly visible

general intro about what you do at mediamatic (and elsewhere)
(interns, please do not introduce yourself as intern but talk about what you do:-)

some recent project(s) that you're involved in

some history about yourself (previous jobs, study, previous projects)

Other relevant professional affiliations.

Make the office phone number and your Mediamatic email and website readable for all.

Put your own cell phone number on your profile and make it visible.

(optional: talk about non-pro personal stuff)

(optional: put links to your blog, facebook profile, flicker photos, lastFM whatever)

(optional: publish some more cool image)

q: I can't write nicely (about myself) — a: Ask a colleague to help.
q: I don't have a nice picture of my face — a: Ask a colleague to take one.
q: I don't have a nice face — a: We would have never hired you if you did not.
q: These rules violate my freedom of expression — a: It's part of your right to work. You can express all kinds of attitude on Facebook or wherever. That's ok for Mediamatic.
q: These rules violate my right to privacy. — a: Your work at mediamatic is a publicly visible role in society. You do not have to talk about anything private. Just your public presence at Mediamatic.
q: Is this obligatory? — a: Yes, it's part of your work and we rely on it as an organisation.
q: I don't have time for this. — a: I takes one hour and has top priority because it facilitates all other things you do at Mediamatic.