Wim Wouters

Quick fix by resetting the Designjet

8:11 error

The HP Designjet can sometimes give you some problems. The biggest one is if it doesn't print.


HP Designjet Z 2100 Photo - Robert Keil

I'll give you some instructions how to quick fix the printer so you can continue printing again. It is an instruction how to reset the printer.

First you have to unplug the printer.

Then you have to unscrew the plate on the back where the network cable is, as you can see on the image.

Put the power cable back in and start the printer.

When the printer is started up again you have to screw the plate back into place and then it should work again.

When this doesn't work or if you have to do this to often you call 'Kuipers Kantoormachines', telephone number: 073-5493779