I Know the World'

In Smart Project Space

13 Jan 2008
1 Mar 2008

With: Fucking Good Art, Tamar Guimarães, J&K, Søren Lose, Tanja Nellemann Poulsen & Grete Aagaard and Daniëlle van Zuijlen. Guest curated by Lise Nellemann.


J&K, Horus and Anubis in Islamic Cairo, C-print, 2006/2007 -

I Know the World' is an exhibition and a day of talks focusing particularly on works and artistic practices that have been informed by encounters with another local context, often as a result of the artists participation in international residencies. As with the previous edition of 'I Know the World', which took place at Sparwasser HQ in Berlin in 2007, this exhibition relates to issues of internationalism, mobility and cultural differences, but especially aims to take a closer look at the art works themselves. The works are based on research, sensibility and insight gained by the artists on location and some include presumptions and personal artistic strategies which function as useful obstacles when encountering the host country and a foreign context.

Artist talks will take place on Sunday 3 February at SMART Project Space, in collaboration with Trans Artists, an independent foundation based in Amsterdam that informs artists of any discipline about international residencies.