Museum n8 version 6.0

A night at Mediamatic

5 Nov 2005

42 Museums participated during the Museum N8, but you could've skipped them all and just come to see us... We had food by Marti Guixe, music by Mr and Mrs Cameron (Arling & Cameron/ Terrorgruppe Schwarzen Raben) and a google meets customized shell chairs interior. It was more than enough to keep everyone busy all night long.


Museum n8 version 6.0 (2005) - Post CS building, photo by Marco Wessel for Mediamatic

If you really wanted to, you could wander off to ARCAM for Chinese one minute videos, to Artis' new Insectarium for your personal share of jeepers creepers, Annie Leibowitz's rock stars in FOAM, Erwin Olaf and Joost van Bellen doing a new elite VJ/DJ set in Montevideo, or any of the 38 other museums that were opening their doors between 19 and 2... But you could always have dinner with us first though. The Food DJ awaited.

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