Mediamatic Magazine vol 4#4 Niet Bekend 1 Jan 1990

Guillaume Bijl

The Artists

Born in Antwerp, B 1946, Lives and works in Antwerp


Guillaume Bijl -

Bijl has shown work in galleries in Europe and America. A retrospective of his work was recently shown in Rotterdam. Bijl is known for his installations which are precise reconstructions of real-life situations and places. His Compositions and Sculptures Trouvées have included Driving School, Shoe Shop, Travel Agency, Launderette, Army Information Centre, Chalet and Front Room Window. Bijl completely removes any sense of artifice from these compositions to the point of absurdity - and subtly assaults our conceptions about the exact location of the boundaries of art. He reconstructs with an extreme precision, snapshots of public life. His collection is a mosaic, an astonished walk through a splintered civilization that is rashly rushing at the year 2000. Bijl shows fragments, his Pompeii, in the weü<onsidered and sublime atmosphere of a gallery, a museum. He holds a mirror up to art . He shows the outer world inside. Bijl doesn't condemn, he only registers as a camera does. (Jef Lambrechts. cat. Kunsthalle Bern 1986.)

Edge go commission: A new installation, Composition Trouvée.