Mediamatic Magazine vol 4#4 Niet Bekend 1 Jan 1990

Chris Burden

The Artists

Born in 1946, Boston, MA, Lives and works in California


Chris Burden -

Chris Burden initially qualified as an architect, before becoming an artist. He began making minimalist sculpture, before developing 'physical interaction’ pieces. His Five Day Locker Piece, where he lived in a locker as a conceptual artwork, was his thesis. Though Burden didn’t know it at the time, the University administration had difficulties awarding his MFA degree. Burden continued making what some have called 'endurance' or 'ordeal' art throughout the 70s, often working under dangerous conditions. He also made television broadcasts and sculptures during this time. Towards the late 70s he began to exhibit 'relics’: documents of his performances, and started to teach. In the 80s Burden became a professor at University of California, and later became tenured at ucla. During this time, he has concentrated on large-scale installation work and sculpture which examines the relationship between institutions and power. In 1988 Chris Burden had a mid-career retrospective, Chris Burden: A Twenty-year Survey at Newport Harbour Art Museum, California.

Edge go commission: Chris Burden will make an installation at the Tax Museum in Rotterdam.