Reinventing Craftmanship

Bierberaad 08: Ramses Snoeij, Zeger Reyers, Etienne Vermeulen, Arnd Marijnissen, Cinema Brewers, Derek Walsh

8 أيار / مايو 2015

As the microbrew movement grows, craft brewers are looking into new methods and better brewing techniques. Etienne Vermeulen, master brewer of Kaapse Brouwers will explain how he creates his wood aged beers. Brewer and biologist Ramses Snoeij demonstrates his infusion invention: The Beerhopper. And with Arnd Marijnissen we get introduced to Beer XML, a free data description designed for the exchange of beer brewing recipes and data. Artist Zeger Reyer will tell you about his passion for distilling in copper kettles. Beer judge and Stibon teacher Derek Walsh describes how he created a distinct wood flavour. And the Cinema Brewers introduce you to the Fellini like qualities of their IPA.

All the talks include tastings of 7 especially prepared brews and selected radical beers.


Ramses Snoeij demonstrating the Beerhopper on stage during Bierberaad - Xiang Yu Yeung

Bierberaad is curated by Henriëtte Waal.

Etienne Vermeulen

Etienne is brewer for the Kaapse Brouwers in Rotterdam. For the Kaapse beers he reuses old wine and bourbon barrels to complete the fermentation of his beers. Etienne will explain how he collects them and why he uses wooden barrels; not only for lagering but also for fermenting which means there is no oxidation and the pressure is build inside the barrel. We will taste two Kaapse beers.
Tasting: Schotse Cor, an Imperial Stout in Bourbon barrel and Franse Cor also an Imperial Stout but from a red wine barrel, both by Kaapse Brouwers


Etienne Vermeulen speaking at Bierberaad - Xiang Yu Yeung

Ramses Snoeij

Ramses is a biologist and an adventurous brewer always looking for new resources and processes for his brewery in Wagenberg. He will demonstrate his brand new invention the 'Beerhopper'. The beerhopper is a hop filter that can be attached to the tap. It enables to flavor your beer while tapping. For this Bierberaad Ramses will add an unusual ingredient to the beer using the Beerhopper. This will happen live on stage and you will be the first to taste this exotic beer.
Tasting: Naar de Haaien en Ramses Z'onder Baard


Ramses Snoeij speaking at Bierberaad - Xiang Yu Yeung

Zeger Reyers

In Zegers artworks you can find everything that lives, grows and decomposes. He grows mussels on a chair, let mushrooms sprout from a couch or rotates a kitchen bringing total disorder. Zeger is interested in certain processes within different biotopes, which also applies to his experiments in brewing and distilling. For example, he build his own copper kettle based on an old design from the 1920's. This and more anecdotes at the coming Bierberaad.
Tasting: fresh Altbier by Bolten Uralt


Zeger Reyers Bierberaad - Xiang Yu Yeung

With: Zeger Reyers

Arnd Marijnissen & Peter Tamback

Arnd and Peter are involved in the Techinc hackerspace of Amsterdam, but next to that they are also passionate home brewers. At first glance beer and computing seem two completely different worlds. However during this Bierberaad Arnd and Peter will show us how they come together in BeerXML. BeerXML is a free, fully defined XML data description designed for the exchange of beer brewing recipes and other brewing data. We will be introduced to this brewing Internet world and the importance of its open source character.


Arnd Marijnissen and Peter Tamback speaking at Bierberaad - Xiang Yu Yeung

Finbarr Wilbrink from Cinema Brewers

Cinema and beer? The Cinema Brewers proof this is a great match by brewing movie-themed IPA-style beers. For this Bierberaad we are going to celebrate the italian spring and drink their newly brewed IPA with basil. It pairs perfectly with Fellini and other Italian classics.
Tasting: Paradiso Basil IPA by Cinema Brewers


Finbarr Wilbrink speaking at Bierberaad - Xiang Yu Yeung

Derek Walsh

Beer judge and Stibon teacher Derek Walsh (some might know him from Bierberaad of 7 november last year) recently launched a very special wood beer together with Brouwerij Breugem. No, this is not wood aged beer but a beer that has a strong wood taste to it. How did he accomplish this and what does it taste like?
Tasting: Kracht Hout quadruppel with Palo Santo wood by Breugem & Walsh


Derek Walsh speaking at Bierberaad - Xiang Yu Yeung

With: Derek Walsh

Friday 8 May
Biotoop Mediamatic, Dijksgracht 6, Amsterdam
Talks start at 20:00
Tickets: €15 (incl. membership)
Note: tasting is only accessible with a valid membership


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