Otl Aicher

graphic designer and typographer (1922 - 1991)

Studied Art at the Academie der Bildenden Künste in Munich. Aicher established his own Graphic Design Practice in 1948 in Ulm (Germany). In 1953 proposed, established and cofounded Hochschule Für Gestaltung (HFG) with his wife Inge School.


HFG aim was to receive education and theory of visual communication in the field of Graphic Design based on Bauhaus principals. Aicher communicated each idea in a disciplined, organised and readable style. A style perhaps influenced by Max Bill -former student of the Bauhaus. His aim was for functionalism, which included regular geometric forms, simple silhouettes and flat finishes. Clarity of form and construction is evident in his work. In posters use of minimum words - where the message was for the design to be absorbed by the general public rather then read in detail. Aicher used mathematically constructed grid layout to achieve clarity of graphic communication. He avoided diagrams and images had to be laid out on axial grid. He is recognized world wide for his contribution to the wide spread use of pictograms, which he design in 1972 for the Munich Olympic Games and for the design of ROTIS family Type for Agfa. Rotis Family consists of variation of weights, highest and proportion. The Rotis Family type consist a subfamilies of: Sans Serif, Semi Sans, Semi Serif and Serif.

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