1 Jan 2004

Michael Northam

Sound Actionist

Michael Northam, aka mnortham, is a musician who represents in a certain way the intelligent side of experimental music.

He works with sound and installations and his conceptual approach to the sound explores in depth the resonance of unusual places or uses the sound of objects or living things in an almost alchemical way.

His artistic trajectory has been a process extending from early actionistic performances that explored what makes 'an environment' alive with intention, to current 'sound actions', field recordings, explorations and compositions. Northam explores the avenue of direct electroacoustic impro, solo and with a variety of collaborators.

Extended stays in Europe have provided crucial balance between inner and outer activities.

Current projects are based on a blend between improvised electro-acoustic processes with semi-automated sound devices creating a complex stratification of incidental harmonics and slowly transforming sound fields.