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Advanced Interactive Film Workshop

11 | 12 | 13 | 14 | 15 July 2004

11 Jul 2004
15 Jul 2004

In cooperation with Documentary in Europe, Mediamatic is organizing the first Advanced Interactive Film Workshop on the 11 to the 15 of July 2004 in Bardonecchia, Italy.


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This workshop is primarily targeted to participants who have experience with Interactive Storytelling.

Good content is the essential element in any good project. And that goes for Korsakow projects as well, however, the definition of good content in a linear story does not necessarily apply to a nonlinear story.

This advanced workshop is all about content, and especially how it functions in an interactive context. In 5 days of intense producing and discussing the participants develop concepts and prototypes that will define and bring out the interactive best of their material. The projects will be developed using the Korsakow System.

Participants are required to bring in a max of 40 minutes of their own material along with a well-formulated concept.
Before the workshop begins, the participants will be asked to answer a set of questions to help them formulate their concepts. To give you a taste:
What is your primary interest in your material? What is your interest in interactivity? What is your project about? Who is your audience?

From these questions more detailed questions will follow, such as: What is the perspective of the narrator? How does he address the viewer/user? What is the main incentive for the user in his or her choices?
These questions will be treated in the workshop. On the first day all material will be watched and all concepts will be discussed. On this day the research questions for the participants will also be formulated. From the second to the fifth day, the participants develop their projects.

The Bardonecchia lectures do not treat the basics of working with the Korsakow System, but instead focus on different aspects enhancing your footage in an interactive story. The following subjects will be treated:
Relations between content and structure
Screen composition and spacing
Different styles of navigation, their effects and meaning
The different qualities of the possible publishing media and their user contexts
Korsakow rhetoric
And more!

The main goal of the workshop is for the participants to find the way in which to treat their footage interactively, and to make a project that answers their research question. The trainers and assistants will of course help you with aspects of the Korsakow System that you may have difficulty with.

This workshop is targeted at participants who already know the basics of the Korsakow System, but it is possible to participate if you have never made a Korsakow Project. In that case you will be asked to practice with the software and the handbook in advance. You can also bring a Korsakow project you are working on to the workshop. But be prepared to have to take it apart completely.

Costs for participation are 350 euros and include lunches at all workshop days as well as all materials and equipment. The final presentation of the workshop results will take place on the 16 of July in Turin.
For more information email to or call +31 (0) 20 638 9901.

This workshop is made possible with the support of the MEDIA PLUS PROGRAMME of the European Community and OCW


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