1 Jan 2004

Butterfly Works

big changes, small starts

The butterfly effect: ‘One flap of a butterfly wing here can cause a hurricane on the other side of the world.’


Butterfly Works - big changes, small starts

A foundation working on projects that leave static solutions out, and instead concentrate on dynamic responses to the dynamic situations and clashes in the world. According to them, they believe in empowering the youth and their creativity, their nimble media skills, self reflection and fast learning.

Past projects include The World Starts With Me , an online curriculum created for the sexual education of the youth of Uganda and Nairobits , which was a digital design school for the poorer youth of Nairobi. For the future, they are developing projects such as hijab.nl , a site where the youth of the Netherlands can express their views on wearing headscarves, and serious toys a project that will help provide more educational toys for children in the slums of Nairobi.

For more information on Butterfly Works, visit www.butterfly-works.org