1 Jan 2003

Invitation to participate

@ Netherlands Film Festival

In cooperation with the upcoming Netherlands Film Festival in Utrecht. Mediamatic is organising a workshop on interactive narration for filmmakers.


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The workshop is meant for Dutch film editors and will take place from 19- 23 september 2003 in Amsterdam. The final presentation of the workshop results will be on Friday the 26th at the festival in Utrecht.

Digital interactive media make new ways of storytelling possible.
As part of the upcoming Dutch Film Festival Mediamatic will be organising an intensive five-day workshop on non-linear storytelling for editors.

Participants will study the specific possibilities offered and questions raised by non-linear storytelling: how does one maintain tension in a non-linear story? How can the viewers' actions be integrated meaningfully in the narrative? What does it mean to replace the absolute cut with the possible link?

Using video, audio and text materials provided by Mediamatic and Dutch Film Festival, participants will create their own interactive story.

As practical research tool, participants will use the Korsakow System. No specific technical skills are required for participation in this workshop, technical assistants will be present throughout the sessions.

The sessions will be in English. If you are a film editor and interested in participating in this workshop, send an e-mail to <strong>korsakow@mediamatic.nl</strong>
The (closed) workshop sessions take place from September 19 through 23 at Mediamatic, Amsterdam. The results of the workshop will be presented to the main festival audience on September 26. For more information, call Kristin Maurer or Klaas Kuitenbrouwer at Mediamatic: Phone: +31-(0)20-6384534 or +31-(0)20-3446006

This workshop is made possible with the support of the MEDIA PLUS PROGRAMME of the European Community, the Mondriaan Foundation and the ThuisKopie Fonds


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