Book: Sue Ralph, Jo Langham Brown, Tim Lees 1 Jan 1998

What Price Creativity ?

Papers from the 28th University of Manchester Broadcasting Symposium, 1997

Contains the keynote address, research reports and papers given at the Manchester Broadcasting Symposium (renamed the International Broadcasting Symposium) held at the University of Manchester in April 1997.

The theme of the 1997 symposium was to look at the convergence of industries such as media, computers and telecommunications and see how this 'coming together' is likely to have an impact on what we watch.

At present there are five terrestrial analogue, 30 satellite analogue and about ten original channels on Cable. Soon there could be 25 Terrestrial digital channels, 500 on satellite digital and an unlimited number on cable and/or telecoms or even the National Grid.
Is this increase in choice in television a progressive or regressive step? Is there too much choice? Does the quality of programmes suffer? How will it be financed?


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