Not-your-average digital design studio in Nairobi

NairoBits is a digital design school that provides education to the Nairobi slum youth. They put digital tools of expression in the hands of the youth who have the creativity but not the means to express themselves. These youth in turn act as multipliers to the organisations they partner with.


Design student at Nairobits - Image taken from their website

NairoBits is the only organisation of its kind in Kenya involved in trying to counter the digital divide between Africa and the rest of the world. Here is what they do at various levels:

1. They bridge the gap between Africa and the rest of the world
2. They interact between the poor and the rich
3. They work between genders

To meet their goals, they partner with many other organisations in Kenya, Africa and abroad.

Source: Nairobits.

Contact information

  • Nairobits
  • Nairobi Godown Arts Center, Dunga Road
  • Nairobi
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