3 Three Expo

6 Feb 2009
8 Feb 2009

The 'AS IF MA' exhibition consists of a selection of the works the ArtScience master students made for their mid-term presentations and covers a wide range of research topics and media. Many of the works explore idiosyncratic ways to generate moving image, music, light and sound, showing the ways these students bend and shape the media available to them. This ranges from computer-based work to electricity and other materials in their pure form. Other works investigate possible interactions between humans and machines, in the form of responsive works and performance set-ups in which the composition of the work in space is as important as the composition in time.



  • Melissa Cruz Garcia
  • Chaja Hertog
  • kYra Storm van Leeuwen
  • Lyndsey Housden and Yoko Seyama
  • Yoko Seyama
  • Wolfgang Bittner
  • Alfredo Ciannameo
  • Jeroen Uyttendaele
  • Xandra van der Eijk, Lars Kynde and Jochem van Tol

Music on opening Night:

  • Yurin Rostislav (electronic / hiphop / idm dubstep / salsa)
  • gamila (live electro-acoustics)
  • DJ Liselotte Krauthammer - Special Guests TBC!