The Usual Suspects 2

Art of the non-lecture

25 Feb 2009
25 Feb 2009

Now that the art of the non-lecture has been elucidated by the last intellectual’s no-show, The Usual Suspects heads south for the second meeting in which we, together with our hosts, Your-space, will attempt to read between the lines of creative forms of writing and how these are presented, distributed and consumed.


The Usual Suspects, Art of the non-lecture! -

The Usual Suspects is a series of tongue-in-cheek (intellectually sound) non-lectures conceived to challenge the cult of personality and aloofness in the creative field, and to provide a platform for both experienced and upstart critical thinkers to exchange knowledge. This series uses the spectres of the usual suspects and the areas of research associated with their various oeuvres as a starting point for generating new conversations.

You are invited to participate on: Wednesday, the 25th of February at: 18.30 hours
Location: Kanaalstraat 8, Eindhoven
When Clement Greenberg will not be presenting his thoughts on Writing Creatively!

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