Bunker Festival

6 Aug 2003
11 Aug 2003
  • IBFF
  • bij twee bunkers, Ventimiglia

3rd International Bunker Film Festival.

Many Short Films have arrived for the Golden Olive© Competition and
after long debating there is now a thrilling Competition Programme.

Also to be nodoubtely enjoyed is the following:

- Cinema Mediterranné, sundrenched movies with Alain Delon, Brigitte Bardot, Grace Kelly en Romy Schneider

- Children/animation Programme, for the very young and the forever young

- Eighties Alert, the years of subversion
- Kees' illegal cinema for the night, with unknown masterpieces, weird footage and sneak previews

The Golden Olive© Award, the Audience Award, the Golden Pepper, the Watson Award and the Golden Almond© will be awarded by a prominent member of our jury.
There is a formal dresscode for the award ceremony and we kindly request that you have the appropriate clothing on hand.

The food will be delicious, since it will be made by Adam(Inez IPSC) and his skillfull kitchencrew.