Kabul, Afghanistan

Dirty, grimy and chaotic - but immensely lovable!


Downtown Kabul - The old center of the city along the Kabul river bank as seen from TV mountain Robert Kluijver

Kabul was famous up to the 1970s for its wide and orderly streets, its greenery and fresh air, and its provincial feeling. Now it is one of the world's fastest growing metropoles, with more than 4 million inhabitants, it's dirty, grimy and chaotic - but immensely lovable!

To many, Afghanistan is not much more than a vicious dust bowl filled to the brim with fundamentalist Islamics, topped with pro-Western, pro-human rights democrats saving Afghan women from oppression. The inside picture is a very different one. Click here to learn more about Kabul. For the information you will need to make your travel arrangements, see the frequently updated Lonely Planet webpages Lonely Planet Kabul. If more political and current information is what you are after, visit for example Afghan Analysts Network or Eurasia.net daily Afghan news for the daily news.

Source: Robert Kluijver

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