Nina Simon

advisor for Kom je ook? in 2009

We are very happy that Nina Simon is helping us setting up Kom je ook? in 2009. She did a wonderful job as a keynote speaker at the first Kom je ook? in the fall of 2008. Now Nina is giving us advice on the programme set-up and potential speakers.


Nina Simon -

With: Nina Simon

She is convincing us to follow a more collaborative approach. We want to make our conferences more participative. And we are even thinking about turning one of the Kom je ook? meetings into an 'unconference'. An 'unconference' has no pre-fixed programme. The ingredients are active and enthousiastic peers and / or speakers that want to present and discuss urgent topics related to their practice. It's all about the participants and collaboration. Follow us in this process on this blog.

About Nina Simon

Nina believes that museums can be central to social interactions, and that visitors can become users. She says that cultural organisations have the potential to undergo a similar (r)evolution as that on the web. Building on her hands-on experience as a curator and developer of interactive experiences, Nina does research and consultancy work for a variety of museums.
You can find her writings and research on her blog 'museum 2.0'.