Audio Drive-In

Sasker Scheerder

9 Sep 2000
10 Sep 2000

At the beginning of the evening, the Festivalplein square in Almere filled up with armoured cars. As soon as the drivers got out, enormous sound installations became visible.

Within the framework of the exhibition Ideas for Living (2000) by guest curator Jan Willem Poels, Sasker Scheerder developed an Audio Drive-In on 9 September 2000. This Audio Drive-In was created in collaboration with the local youth radio station Airpeace, the Almere discotheque Eindelijk and youth centre Totum. All three of these parties provided music for the Audio Drive-in, be it live or broadcast from the radio station. Through publicity channels and networking, the owners of a “boom car” were invited to attend the Audio Drive-In. The music tones of the DJs and musicians were played live via their antennas and sound installations. The owners of the “boom cars” could determine by themselves which sounds they preferred with help from their car stereo, since the music was broadcast via three separate radio channels.

In 2003, Sasker Scheerder presented the project BIO-SCOOP at Museum De Paviljoens in collaboration with Martina Florians.

With thanks to VSBfonds, Audio Sign Hifi Dordrecht, Youth centre Totum, discotheque Eindelijk and Radio Airpeace.

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Sasker Scheerder, Audio Drive-In
Sasker Scheerder (1970)
Audio Drive-In
09.09.2000 - 11.11.2000