Cooking Greenland style

The ins and outs for preparing a seal meal

6 Feb 2010

On Saturday February 6th and Sunday February 7th, prize winning chef cook and writer Anne Sofie Harderberg, will give a cooking workshop with ingredients from Greenland. Together, you can fix your own meal which will be served and eaten in the exhibition space of the Mediamatic Bank.


Anne Sofie Hardenberg -

Recipes from Greenland

Anne Sofie wrote a cook book in for Greenland and Denmark titled 'igaassat opskrifter' (Igaassat recipes). Her recipes are mainly based on salmon, capelin, and seal. Hardenberg has worked to draw attention to and increase international interest for Greenland food and ingredients.

Hardenberg’s cookery book won third prize in the final of a major cook book competition ‘Gourmand Awards’ in London in April. Hardenberg is also one of the ambassadors for the Nordic Council of Ministers’ program New Nordic Food.


Jans, Deborah, Eline, Joost and Anya are official members of the EU Proviant Klub in Denmark. Become friends with them and join the workshop.

Information and reservations

The workshop will start at 2 pm and ends 5 pm.

You can make a reservation by clicking on the RSVP-button at the top of the page. The workshop cost € 25 euros. For questions you can contact Jans Possel.