Over Datum Eetclub 7

Expired Food out of the Box with Lauren Mills

20 Sep 2011

Queen of the green Lauren Mills kicked off the second series of Over Datum Eetclub. We prepared lots of different vegetarian dishes, dippers and sauces. Everything came together in a big buffet. At the end of the evening all the left-overs were taken home by our guests. Some of them became lyric during the evening and left while singing: ‘Take the thyme, take the thyme!’ Another dinner guest left smiling too, after having learned that chocolate never goes off.


ODE 7 Filling the boxes - After having prepared the dishes, dinner guests choose their favorite foods from the buffet. Anna Meijer

Lauren Mills

Lauren feeds famished Amsterdam on a daily basis. Her biodegradable lunch- and dinner boxes are stuffed with seasonal vegetables, herbs, and spices, and a treat for the truly hungry. The Over Datum Eetclub dinner boxes were filled by the guests with delicious dishes prepared with expired food. Our guests waited eagerly in the buffet line to put together their own meal.

Lauren created a potato/pesto salad, a variety of rice dishes, and a vegetarian sushi-salad from the expired food. And she revealed one of her secrets....Always use fresh herbs and toast all your seeds. Toasted cumin-seeds are good on anything! Her toasted seeds, fresh herbs and a good tzatziki definitely pulled this Over Datum meal together.


ODE 7 dishes - Various salads made during Over Datum Eetclub 7 with Lauren Mills. Different sorts of salads made during ODE 7 with Lauren Mills Different sorts of salads made during ODE 7 with Lauren Mills Anna Meijer


Chopping food - Over Datum Eetclub 7 was hosted by the lovely Lauren Mills. Together with the dinner guests she put together a healthy buffet. ODE7 ODE7 Anna Meijer


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More information

Over Datum Eetclub 7 took place at Mediamatic BANK, Vijzelstraat 68. Doors opened at 17:30. Admission: € 7,50

Special thanks to...

The following stores and suppliers donated their Over Datum products to this edition.

Organic food for you - Vijzelstraat


Lauren Mills bij Over Datum Eetclub 7 - Lauren Mills was the chef for Over Datum Eetclub 7. Anna Meijer

With: Lauren Mills


Foodlem logo - Every day Lauren Mills puts together lunch boxes full of fresh, seasonal products, and feeds the hungry and restless.