New Order Day 3: Post Carbonism - How Did We Do It?!?

What will our world look like 'post-carbon'? Peer to Peer energy, green economy, time banks, micro grids, renewable everything - is this a cemetery or a garden of buzzwords? What will we eat in 2030?

30 Oct 2011

Our guest from Rotterdam, industrial ecologist and director of Except Integrated Sustainability, Eva Gladek will talk about self-sufficient urban food production and the future of urban resource management, waste cycles and cities that are aware of entropy.

Participants of the two-day New Order Workshop will also present their results. The dream team of critical designers and thinkers will propose their visions of the so called 'post carbon' world - a social order where energy will take a center stage, affecting the ways we interact daily and what we find to be beautiful.

With extensive Q&As moderated by Katja Novitskova and Rory Hyde.


New Order - lets see what comes out of it


Energy is absolutely critical to our society it is a master resource. There is no substitute for it, there are only different forms of energy. Any decline in the total amount of energy in the society is immediately felt by its people - in the amount of wealth, work, food, people etc. This lack of energy can be outsourced, and so the unsustainable models of living manage to exist until the unavoidable collapse. We are this close to a collapse right now - with mounting environmental costs, global economic crisis and dependence on finite energy resources. How will our world look after the collapse? Can we avoid it?

New Order Fest Day 3 explores the scenarios for a so called 'post carbon' future. Firmly stating the ultimate urgency of the matter, there is a need to re-imagine our relationship with the issue. It is also a must to face the myths, marketing tricks and false optimism that keep us from taking reasonable action today.

Mediamatic invited Eva Gladek, a professional industrial ecologist and director at Except Integrated Sustainability to present the work of her company that manages to propose radical plans for sustainable urban food and energy systems to policy makers and large companies. One of the companies last projects is a research on Polydome, a net-zero-impact approach to greenhouse agriculture inside the most populated cities.

New Order Workshop participants Sascha Pohflepp, Liam Young, Femke Herregraven, Chris Lee, DUS architects, Martti Kalliala, Lucy McRae, Rory Hyde and Katja Novitskova will map out their proposals for a 'post carbon' world. This group of young thinkers and artists will not accept any ideological compromises to come up with the most out-there and radical visions of the future social order. They will also be fun.

More information

New Order Fest takes place at Mediamatic Bank, Vijzelstraat 68 Amsterdam. Doors open at 19.30, the program starts at 20.00. Tickets €2.- excl. membership. If you don't have a membership card yet, you can purchase one at the door for €5,-. It's valid until December 1st, 2011. Make sure to RSVP on this page.