Le Club Suburbia

More punk in the monitors please

Le Club Suburbia is a concert programming group in Amsterdam, organizing most of there events at a venue called OCCII, just southwest of Amsterdam city’s centre. Their aim is to provide a stage and hospitality for non-commercially touring bands and to select the freshest sounds of the underground.


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Some of the bands that played at Le Club Suburbia since 2004 include:

1) From the Netherlands:
About, About Paris, Adept, Adolf Butler, Am Square, Anaphylactic Shock, Appie Kim, Arms & Legs, Barre Bizarre, Chickas Ariba, Cotopaxi, De Nieuwe Vrolijkheid, Dusty Blinds, Empire Cheese, Eva Braun, Firestone,, Fuz, Ice Cream Eating Motherfuckers, Iron Cage, Karaktermoord, Katadreuffe, Kismet, Laser Poodle, Magnetronix, Malle Pietje and the Bimbos, Meldy Peaches, Mexican Holiday, Omission, Pfaff, Real Room, Schotel van de Dag, Silver Salts, Silver Souls, Storm, Spilt Milk, Sweet Sweet, Tenement Kids, Thank Christ for the Bomb, The Heights, The Moi Non Plus, Union Town, The Walt, The Wolf, Death and the Acorn.

2) From the United States of America:
Anavan, Awesome Color, BARR, Burial Hex, Chris Leo & Vague Angels, Core of the Coalman, Crystal Stilts, Das Oath, Die Princess Die, Finally Punk, Glass and Ashes, Get Hustle, Haram, Hawnay Troof, Japanther, Melted Men, Meneguar, Mika Miko, No Age, Numbers, Partyline, Pocahaunted, Rah Bras, Religious Knives, Samara Lubelski, Sic Alps, Sixteens, Spacehorse, Starving Weirdos, Sun Araw, Tara Jane O'Neil, The Chinese Stars, The Good Good, The Flesh, The Jai-Alai Savant, The Yellow Press, U.S. Girls, Wavves, Wives, Wolves in the Throne Room, Woods, XBXRX.

3) From Sweden:
Chronic Heist, Cut City, Jailhouse Fuck, King Kong Kobra, Laagrluv, Seven Feet Four, Tar ... Feathers, The Je Ne Sais Quoi.

4) From Germany:
Airpeople, Amtrak, Fyoelk, Herpes, Schneller Autos Organisation, Song & Dance, The Puddle Parade, Ten Volt Shock, Tschilp, Zisch Zosch.

5) From Canada:
Aids Wolf, The Creeping Nobodies, Les Georges Leningrad, Ghettonuns, Pony Up.

6) From Belgium:
Bear Bones Lay Low, Ignatz, Sylvester Anfang II, White Circle Crime Club.

7) From the United Kingdom:
Hunting Lodge, Nackt Insecten.

8) From Finland:
Echo Is Your Love, High Wolf (France/Finland)

9) From Portugal:
Gala Drop.

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  • Le Club Suburbia
  • Amstelveenseweg 134
  • 1075
  • Amsterdam
  • NL

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