Deborah M. Kōdō

Ordering electronic parts

Tuesday August 18, 2009

Today I've contacted the production organization Stripped to see how far they are with the budgets. Ideally we want our hackers to work in a Romney shed, build on a layher scaffolding construction. It also needs a lot of facilities to make it a workable place for the team. As soon as we know what is possible within our budget we can start planning and making design to improve our visibility.

Other practicalities that are taking more shape now is the coordinating of the volunteers. I have a nice group of people, but more helping hands are very welcome. The schedule set-up will be made before the end of the month. People can sign up for shifts and we encourage them to also sign-up for the post-production, a very important part of the camp. If you are interested please mail me: deborah [at]

The communication with the hackers team is a continuos process as well. People have a lot of questions and need a lot of information before the party can start. The MIT people are all coming from Boston and New York but some are in Austria for Ars Electronica. There will be a lot of people coming from all over the world. We are looking forward a lot!

Meanwhile my colleague Machiel is ordering all the technical and electronic equipment. A list with anything a hacker would need is made and will be conversed into a tangible geeky playground from heaven!