Deborah M. Kōdō

Getting closer and closer...

Thursday September 3

Actually, the more it's getting closer, the more relaxed I become... This must mean I have everything under control! I'm confident. Even the tiniest detail, from memorizing the rental car license plate numbers (before the car itself is rented) necessary to make sure our car can drive on the Westergas terrain, to who arrives first to pick up the key for the apartment, I got it all covered! Scary...


This is the hangar. It will be 15 meters long, 7,8 meters wide and 4,2 meters high! - Deborah M. Kōdō

Coming week we can give our green light for building the construction, it's going to be a big hangar build on scaffolding. Everything will be in and around there, from working tables and chairs, to air-conditioning.
Toilets outside and a place where you can wash your hands. (Very important)! Of course we have coffee makers and big fridges for beer. Internet, a screen and a beamer, and so on and so forth.
The volunteer schedule is almost covered too! Now I'm going back to work, more updates next week!