PICNIC Amsterdam 07

PICNIC is a festival that combines many different types of events which will allow you to uncork your brain.

Find here what PICNIC'07 was all about!

PICNIC'07 Conference
From 26th-29th September many keynote speakers from all over the world came to Amsterdam to give a talk at the 3-day PICNIC'07 Conference.

PICNIC Specials
PICNIC organised 5 'specials', called Day of the Medialabs, Creative China, Virtual Worlds, Cinegrid and Pitch. They were all free for all relevant professionals.

PICNIC Partner Events
We had over 60 partner events, mostly free of charge (in some case invitation only) which ran from 25th to 29th September.

From 26th - 29th September, PICNIC offered evening entertainment with five partners. On Wednesday the PICNIC Sound Clash offered a music battle, on Thursday Xs4all hosted a video mash up evening and on Friday Heineken offered ‘Refreshing sounds’ and Discovery07 offered an evening of science and entertainment. In addition PICNIC invited everyone to a special evening on Saturday, 29th September organised by partner Submarine.

On Saturday 29 September Sir Richard Branson presented the inaugural €500,000 PICNIC Green Challenge award to Igor Kluin of the Netherlands for his alternative-energy-network scheme, Qurrent.

On Friday 28th and Saturday 29th September the PICNIC venue hosted the Come Out and Play Urban games festival. Everyone was welcome to join in the fun and play.

On 24 and 25 September, PICNIC Junior offered 15 to 18 year olds media and technology workshops. A special seminar for teachers was part of the programme.

On the 25th and 26th September, PICNIC Academy welcomed many students to attend lectures given by a selection of the conference speakers.