Edwin Stolk | Visual Artist
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Identity 2.0 by Edwin Stolk

Installation: Identity 2.0 as a neologism_the next generation of Identity by Edwin Stolk at People You May Know | PYMK| 2009
Curated by Hester Scheurwater.
Idea behind the work: Identity 2.0 as a neologism:

Ideology title:

Identity 2.0 as a neologism is a work title; I was inspired to use this title by the exhibition context People You May Know.

The question about identity and what could be identity is connected to people you may know. It questions the several levels of knowing a person. Is ‘knowing’ a person by name enough to be ‘Facebook friends‘? What does it mean to be or know a person? Facebook tells us on their FrontPage that it is a ‘tool’ which helps you connect and share with the people in your life. That could be interpretated even wider and what does that mean?

Identity 2.0, is also called digital identity and is created to login on more network sites at once, using emerging user-centric technologies, instead of one by one. This digital identity is in my opinion an interesting subjective identity, it also points out a subjective direction to the consumer of my work. Is it me, not me? It could be you.

Neologism is a newly coined word that may be in the process of entering common use, but has not yet been accepted into mainstream language. Neologisms are often directly attributable to a specific person, publication, period, or event. I use this word to show that Identity 2.0 as I use it, and the work I created, can be interpretated, ‘entered’ in several ways.

Ideology work: I prefer to work with materials available at the spot and combine these with materials from earlier works to eliminate the (art) object and to create connections. In the small shed at the PYMK exhibition you find materials which were already there, combined with materials found in the neighbourhood of the exhibition space. See and feel how they interact. In a bricolage way I use a spider web of site-specific impressions and materials, to create a layered surrounding. The video performance Turbulence (2009) becomes one with the surrounding (first shown in installation; War of currents at The UNFAIR project in ‘De Servicegarage’) interacts with the theme of the exhibition and is now shown as a multi channel video.

Video performance Turbulence (2009) investigates the borders of the human body. By categorisation and science our body becomes more and more an object of our perception and thinking, I try to investigate here the connection with life.

The second video shows our need to connect and interact through network sites, to escape isolation, it shows a Do It Yourself mentality, but also points out the weaknesses of our digital identity.

It’s important to say that my work isn’t dealing with a truth or a certain truth, but always deals with the human weakness of trying to realize understanding and structures of understanding.