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Initial Brainstorm sessions - Day 1

Welcome to the Hacker Camp 2009 Bulletin board

Hacker Camp 2009
10 Day 1 = .begin
20 Mediamatic >= Hackers + Designers
30 PRINT Hackercamp; " Coffee + Beer + Pizza = Gnomes * Dream Dating "
40 IF U WANT SUCCES >= We continue assembly
50 GOTO Picnic on 23-25 September
60 PRINT "Program Day 1 Completed."
70 END


Hacker Camp - 30 - Hacker Camp Day 1 Brainstorming Hacker Camp '09 Day 1 Introduction Brainstorming photo by Marieke Bijster Marieke Bijster

This morning the Hacker Camp 2009 was kicked of with two intense brainstorm sessions at the Mediamatic exhibition space. 25 professional geeks will work for 5 days, without sleep, helped by the dreamy lights of their LCD displays and stimulated by 1600 Nespresso cups. They aim to develop a set of RFID based projects thats should help the networking between the 5000 people that will visit the Picnic festival (from 23-25 September).

After lunch the real brainstorming starts and soon a couple of concepts stand out: video slicing and gnomes (yes... as in scary little men). The video/sound slicing concept is inspired by Lasse Gjertsen "Amateur" and Aaron Koblins "Bicycle built for 2000". We want to build an installation that will prompt people to create musical samples or sound bites and short videos. These videos and sound bites will be connected to the visitors profile via their RFID tag (kind of similar to the photobooth project from 2007). With the help of the forthcoming giant library of inter replaceable samples and pre-programmed music/video templates, new videos can be generated on the fly, bringing new people and their profiles together. Networked, customized and crowd sourced music videos will be the novel result. A music video network will be created.

Possible problems with this project could be the processing power that such an installation will take. Is there enough processing power for such a project and how fast can MAX/MSP write such videos?