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Hacker Camp - Day 4

Welcome to the Hacker Camp 2009 Bulletin board

RFID installations that will also be present at Picnic



Photobooth-Picture -

Arjan Scherpenisse and Ralph Meijer worked on the code of the old photo booth to release a new and improved version this year.
In [[www.mediamatic.net/page/22730/en 2007]] nearly two thousand PICNIC visitors made a picture of themselves and their new friends. The photo's were instantly published on Flickr and are now also linked to the profile of visitors on the Picnic network. This year we hope to it will be an equally great success!



iKWiN is working and Simon is loosing - Daria Perevezentsev

The installation in which you can challenge someones web popularity, and see and show other people how high you're ranking.



iTea - Anne Helmond

A remake of the iTea
The iTea is an interactive installation in the form of a coffee table. In the coffee cup on top of the table, you can place your rfid tag - which is given to you at the entrance of the conference and linked to a social network - and the table will start to display information about you. At first it gets your name, description and keywords from the picnic network. Then it will start to Google your firstname and lastname. Then it just googles your first name but substitutes it by your full name. The result is visualized by a projection from within the table to the surface of the table, in the form of drops of information.