1 Jan 2004

Mediamatic/ IDFA workshop New Media Documentaries

Take it hands-on from 22 till 26 november

After the masterclass, 16 documentary filmmakers will develop and build pilot projects for new media documentaries in 5 intensive workshopdays,
Through building their projects, participants find answers to questions like: how does the possibility of involving the audience lead me to new ways of concieving, producing and publishing documentary film projects? How do interactive media affect the relations between me as author, my audience and the subjects of my documentary film? How can I deliver stories interactively?


Mediamatic/IDFA workshop New Media Documentaries - Final Presentation, November 2004 Mediamatic/IDFA workshop New Media, November 2004

Workshoptool is the Korsakow System, an elegant and powerful tool for making interactive film projects. Korsakow gives the possibility for hands-on experimentation with film in the new media context, with a minimum of technical hurdles. Korsakow projects can be published on cdrom, dvdrom and on the internet. Participants work with their own footage in this workshop. They can bring it, or shoot it during the workshopsessions.

The workshop closes with a public presentation and debate on the workshop results.
For more information about the masterclass, click here

Masterclass: 22 november 2004, morning.
Workshop sessions 22-26 november 2004

Masterclass: Cinerama 1
Workshop sessions: Pleinfoyer, Stadsschouwburg Amsterdam (main IDFA venue)

How much?
Participating in the workshop including the masterclass costs € 350 per person, this includes lunches, all necesary equipment and a festival pass to the IDFA festival.

To register, please mail to korsakow@mediamatic.net.
Please include your name, adress, nationality, a consise cv, and a motiviation to participate. For further information, please also mail to korsakow@mediamatic.net

www.7sons.com | www.13terstock.de

This workshop is made possible with the support of the MEDIA PLUS PROGRAMME of the European Community and OCW