The Kehrwoche experience

Followed by tea and cake with Stuttgart's finest

Many of our friends who come to stay in Stuttgart seem strangely fascinated by the Kehrwoche, a tradition in which the compulsary task of sweeping the street in front of the house is passed from flat to flat each week in the form of a small sign hung by the door. Standing out in the sun, wind or rain, usually on a Saturday, you watch the world go by and chat with the neighbours or a passer-by as you slowly go about your business (it isn't always that romantic!).

Now is your chance to experience this tradition. We will provide you with an address and the flat number of somebody (for the most part elderly individuals) whose turn has come to do the Kehrwoche. Once you have swept the road for them you can expect to be invited in for an afternoon of cake, coffee and tales.

More information coming soon...


Schaukasten vor dem Naturkunde- museum in Stuttgart - Photo by phil_fry found on flickr .