The do you know club

An attempt to cut up to five corners

Together with American artist Steven Beatty the ‘Do you know’ club (a.k.a the ‘So, do you know’ club) has been formed, and welcomes further members to join this time consuming, costly but potentially rewarding activity.

While travelling away from ‘home’ the conversation sometimes goes a bit like this:

Where are you from?
I’m from England
Oh, so do you know Jonathan Peacock?

Of course I don’t know Jonathan Peacock, or at least the chances of this would be very very small indeed, but as a member of the ‘Do you know’ club I am obliged to go and meet this person at the next possible opportunity. This meeting will be documented and posted online.

At present it is not foreseen that members can ‘do you know’ one another. This might lead to impossible and fabricated missions. Maybe this is a good thing.

We welcome new members.


kaspertoby - 2008. My first obligation was to visit Tobias in Stuttgart, a friend of Steves. We know one another now! Kaspar Wimberley