Exhibition: 1 Dec 2004

Autonomous Applications Believe

Mediamatic Exhibition 9

25 Mar 2004
13 Apr 2004

The Autonomous Applications Believe exhibition showed work by Yariv Alter Fin and Nezaket Ekici.


People at exhibitions Autonomous Applications Believe -


exhibition Autonomous Applications Believe -


You - Yariv Alter Fin - exhibition Autonomous Applications Believe

YARIV ALTER FIN, born in Tel Aviv (1968) is a highly original Amsterdam artist who looks upon the Internet as his personal tool and never allows himself to be intimidated by it. Alter Fin has a long-standing relationship with Mediamatic.
Back in 1995 already he made a crucial contribution to Mediamatic's V.O.L.V.O. cdrom which was nominated for the Berlin Videonale that same year. He operates in the no-man's land between programming, visualizing and generally busying himself artistically. But as he continually puts his stamp upon it, his signature stands out from the crowd. His inventions are eye-openers as often as they are brilliant and often leave the viewer in a refreshing confusion.

When visiting his homepages, www.alterfin.net and www.alterfin.org, one is shown only the tip of the iceberg that is his talent.
At Mediamatic Supermarkt Interfaces, youism: as is, MorF, Mock and Burn a.o. will be on show. They leave the viewer with a choice: participating actively or being swept along in a programmed motion.


Performance by Nezaket Ekici - exhibition Autonomous Applications Believe


performance by Nezaket Ekici - exhibition Autonomous Applications Believe


performance by Nezaket Ekici - exhibition Autonomous Application Believe

Performance artist NEZAKET EKICI (Turkey, 1970), living in Berlin, is also no stranger to Mediamatic. Last summer she gave a rendition of the hair-raising performance Hullabelly at Mediamatic Supermarkt where she had a hoolahoop spinning round her neck for an hour while being dressed as a Turkish woman in a headdress.

During the opening of the exhibition Ekici performed Believe. Lying on a pedestal, motionless as a Greek sculpture, she
blew baby powder into the air. She repeated this simple action for two hours, again and again, until the whole room, smelling of babypowder was shrouded in a white mist.
After the performance, pedestal, powder and a video registration remained on show during the exhibition period as relics of the actual action.

Believe was all about the cycle of life, of course and is also an attempt to get a grip on it.