Vito Campanelli

new media theorist


DSCN1376.JPG - Vito Campanelli

Vito Campanelli lectures on the theory and technology of mass communication at the University of Naples “L’Orientale”. He is a freelance curator of digital culture events and co-founder of MAO - Media & Arts Office. His essays on media art are regularly published in international journals. His most recent publication is 'Web Aesthetics: How Digital Media Affect Culture and Society' (Institute of Network Cultures of Amsterdam/NAi Publishers Rotterdam, 2010).

Main publications:

Web Aesthetics: How Digital Media Affect Culture and Society
(Amsterdam/Rotterdam: Institute of Network Cultures/NAi Publishers , 2010)

Internet Landscapes (2003-2007)
(Naples: MAO Editions, 2009) (Eng/Ita);

L'arte della Rete, l'arte in Rete. Il Neen, la rivoluzione estetica di Miltos Manetas
(Rome: Aracne, 2005) (Ita).

Main contributions:
Continuità nella discontinuità,
introduction to: Cyop&Kaf, Fuoco!
(Naples: MAO Editions, 2010) (Ita).

Journeying Through Sound: A Survey of Digital Music Art,
in: Anglistica Journal, n° 13, vol. 2 (Eng).

Realism and Estrangement in the Research of Canecapovolto,
in the anthological series entitled: Il Futuro è Obsoleto [1992-2002]
(Paternò:, 2009) (Eng/Ita)

Other contributions are in:
VV. AA., Struttura / Studi e visioni sul mare digitale
(Florence: Polistampa, 2007) (Ita);

VV. AA., 0006_Limiteazero
(Milan: Hublab, 2006) (Eng/Ita);

Miltos Manetas, Neen. New Art Movement (Milan: Charta, 2006) (Eng/Ita).